Haringey Council support outrageous fines


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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Apparently, normal clamp release fees are £65. In the car park for my haringey gym it is £100. Do you get issued a parking ticket first- no. Just clamp you. Haringey council helps private firms make money out of their own electorate.

My local councillors are George Meehan Patrick Egan Jayanti Patel What is their game? Moneygrabbing every last penny out of their own electorate.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

labour councillors support private security firm

isn't it amazing that labour councillors support Wing security in one of their car parks. In this way they support a company that penalizes Haringey residents. To get a wheel clamp removed do they charge £30 no Do they charge £40 No

This company with the support of labour councillors charge £100. Why vote for them? When they do this sort of thing.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Haringey council to blame for extortionate fines

In my local sports centre in White Hart Lane Haringey not the richest area in town. My car was clamped by a private security firm wing security. £100 to have the clamp removed.

That is Extortion. That is Daylight Robbery. How far will local councillors go to raise money? Why vote for them? A Labour council that sanctions this Tax.

Haringey council to blame for extortionate fines

haringey council to blame for extortionate tax

Yesterday I had to pat £100 to get my car released from a clamp by wing security working for haringey council.

My councillors are George Meehan Patrick Egan Jayanti Patel they have all agreed to allowing this sort of scheme to go ahead. I would say £100 is too much. If that is wing securities only fee then get rid of them terminate their contract at the earliest opportunity. If not next local elections I would suggest that the local population should vote these people out.

I intend to contact the liberal democrats and see if they will do any better.

It is time people stood up to this sort of unfair and outrageous behaviour. How many motorists are facing ridiculous fines. and certainly it is not the most important issue in the world. But the fine and taxation system in London is now unacceptable.
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Haringey council new unfair taxation

When your vehicle is clamped by wing security working for Haringey council it costs £100 to get the vehicle released. This is another form of taxation but one that goes to a private security firm. So here we are the electorate funding a private security firm. £100 is an arbitrary an excessive amount.

Here is the wonderful way that wing security explain to their clients the way the system works

The issue of wheel clamping and parking enforcement income is a complex one and it is important that the Client is
fully aware of how the system is operated.

a) The wheel clamp release fee (and vehicle removal and storage fees) form the income of the Client, not
Wing Security. The wheel clamp release fee represents damages, or a fine, imposed by the landowner upon
the vehicle driver. Only the landowner has the legal authority to impose this fine, not Wing Security, and
therefore the income from that fine belongs to the Client. Furthermore, as this income represents a fine, it is
outside the scope of VAT and there is no VAT payable on this amount.

b) Wing Security derives its income from operating a parking enforcement service for the Client. As Wing
Security is operating a service, i.e. wheel clamping cars and collecting fines, the charges for that service are
subject to VAT in the usual manner. .

c) Wing Security will operate a parking enforcement service on behalf of the Client and will collect fines on
behalf of the Client. As these fines do not belong to Wing Security, Wing Security cannot issue invoices for
the sums collected, but we will issue receipts. All the income collected will be banked by Wing Security
into their bank account and credited to a Client account on the Sales Ledger.

d) Wing Security will charge the Client a Parking Enforcement Management Charge. This charge will be
calculated as a percentage with direct reference to the number (or amount) of wheel clamp release fees
collected. Wing Security will issue a Tax invoice to the Client for this amount and the invoice total will be
debited to a Client account on the Sales Ledger.

e) At the end of each Wing Security accounting period, the Client’s Sales Ledger account will be reconciled.
The invoice will be forwarded to the Client, together with a report detailing the income collected for the
Client by Wing Security. Any debit balance on the account will be payable to Wing Security by the Client
within 30 days. Any credit balance on the account will be payable by Wing Security to the Client within 30

As an example, assuming that the wheel clamp release fee is £100.00 and the Parking Enforcement Management
Charge is £100.00, and that only one vehicle is clamped in a month, the accounting will operate as follows:

i) Wing Security will collect £100.00 from the motorist and will issue a receipt to the motorist for
that amount.

ii) Wing Security will pay that £100.00 into their account and credit the Client’s Sales Ledger

iii) Wing Security will raise an invoice to the Client for £100.00 plus VAT at 17.5%, £17.50, a total
of £117.50. Wing Security will debit this amount to the Client’s Sales Ledger account. There will
be a debit balance of £17.50 on the account that the Client should pay to Wing Security within 30

iv) Wing Security will send the invoice to the Client, together with a separate report showing the
income collected for the Client.

v) The Client will receive a purchase invoice for £100.00 plus VAT of £17.50, a total of £117.50. As
a purchase of services, the Client will reclaim the VAT (subject of course to your own VAT
registration circumstances), leaving the Client with a net cost of £100.00.

vi) The income of £100.00 from wheel clamp release fees as detailed on the separate report represents
the Client’s income and must be accounted for as such. As a fine there is no VAT payable on the
Wing Security
Parking Enforcement on Private Property
Effective May 2005

£100.00 and therefore the Client has a net income of £100.00.

vii) With a net income of £100.00 and a net cot of £100.00, there is no cost or profit to the Client as a
result of the parking enforcement service being operated.

viii) The Client will have a Purchase invoice for £117.50 and an income of £100.00 to contra against
the invoice, leaving a balance payable of £17.50 which represents the amount of VAT being
reclaimed by the Client.

All other charges are dealt with in the usual manner by means of a monthly invoice to be settled within 30 days.

All vehicles for all sites under the control of a single Client will be invoiced together on a single invoice rendered
either monthly or quarterly (at our discretion) in accordance with Wing Security’s accounting periods, although
separate invoices may apply to wheel clamping, abandoned vehicles, etc.

Where the Client requires more detailed or non-standard invoicing arrangements, notification must be provided in
advance and a non-standard invoicing surcharge may apply.
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This is the start

£100 to remove a wheel clamp is one step too far